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2 types of questions to ask your interviewer

2 types of questions to ask your interviewer

JULY 2017

Interviewers will give you an opportunity to ask questions at the end of the interview. So better prepare the list of questions to make the most of it. Of course there is a possibility that everything that you want to know about the job will be covered during the interview. So better have more questions to ask to show that you are curious and interested.

1st type: questions about the role/position

Look through job description and check if there are any areas that you want to have more information about. Below are some examples:

  • Why is the position available?
  • What are the main objectives and responsibilities of the position?
  • How does the company expect these objectives to be met?
  • What are the measures to judge how successful I am?
  • What are common obstacles in reaching these objectives?
  • What is the desired time frame for reaching the objectives?
  • What can I expect from you in terms of development?
  • What aspirations do you have for me at the company?
  • Where will the job fit into the team structure?

2nd type: questions about the company's culture

There is nothing better than getting first-hand information about the company. So use this opportunity and ask the following questions:

  • What’s the best thing about working at your company?
  • What is the main thing you expect from employees?
  • How do you build good relationships within teams?
  • What is the turnover of staff like throughout the company?
  • Are there any plans for expansion?
  • How would you describe the company culture and management style?

Think also about the question about current event or issue in the market to show your knowledge about the industry. For example: „How do you think merge between your two main competitors will affect your industry”.

The way your questions are answered gives you great insight into the company. The interview is also for you to judge if you want to work for this organisation.

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