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Personal details to include in your CV

Personal details to include in your CV

JULY 2017

'Personal Details' section of your CV is your first opportunity to introduce yourself to a potential employer. Get the basics wrong and you can miss the opportunity to get an interview. Below you will find the guidelines what to include and exclude from your CV.

  1. Your name

Write your name in a larger font than the rest of your CV to make it stand out. After all, your CV is made to market YOU. Middle names are optional, but don't be tempted with Frank ‘The Tank' Ricard.

  1. Marital status and family

You don't have to include information about whether you have a family, spouse or not. The employer is forbidden from making a decision based on these factors.

  1. Date of birth

You don’t have to include birth date in your CV. Of course potential employer can more less count your age based on education dates. So if you don’t want to disclose such information, remove all dates next to education.

  1. Nationality

Your nationality should be omitted. There are some situations when it’s better to mention that you are EU citizen so that you have rights to work in Poland or that you have certain work permit.

  1. Contact details

Use your own personal email address or create a new account specifically for your job search, especially if your current email address is something like Be sure to add the phone number that will make it easier for potential recruiters to contact you. If you're worried about getting calls while you're at work, put some times when it's better to contact you.

  1. Other information

If the job requires you to drive then assure them about your clean driving licence. If you are going for a web design role, direct them to your website. Whatever you decide to include, just be sure it helps, not hinders your CV.

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