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You didn’t get a job? Here are 6 reasons

You didn’t get a job? Here are 6 reasons

JULY 2017

"Why oh why…I didn’t get that job?" You often ask yourself while staring at the screen with yet another rejection email from that perfect job. The interview was great – so what went wrong? Why do you keep receiving the same generic "too many qualified applicants – good luck next time" email of doom? Sometimes if you're really lucky you may get some form of direction like "someone with more experience". But is it really that helpful?

So here are 6 reasons on why you didn’t get a job that seemed like a sure thing. Believe us that no employer will ever admit that but this could be true in many situations.

1. We didn't like you

Likeability isn't something that is included in the CV. The only way to check if you are a good fit for an organisation is a face to face meeting.

ADVICE: Don’t pretend that you are somebody else. It will be hard to behave like that for the upcoming months. Be yourself (the best possible version of course). If the place isn’t right for you, it’s better to look for another one.  

2. You're not attractive enough

Oh, come on! Don’t be naive. We are humans so we tend to judge a book by its cover. Of course it’s not true for everyone. A true professional will pay more attention to your skills than the way you look.

ADVICE: Make the effort before an interview. If you feel like you didn't get the job because of the model sitting next to you – chances are you've just done yourself a favour and resigned from a company where productivity is more an afterthought.

 3. You're far too attractive

The exact opposite could happen as well. You could very well be that model and didn't get the job because you were too attractive. So why is it costing you a job? The interviewers may feel that you could be a distraction to employees.

ADVICE: Sure, if the job was a modelling one, you're gold. But few jobs would really require that. If you want to be taken seriously, bring along a proven track record of successes.

4. We hired an ex-colleague

Once the job is posted, it is open for everyone. An old friend or ex-colleague who once worked with the employer has an advantage over you.

ADVICE: You can't take it personally. If you were in the same position where you knew how someone works, it would be hard to pass such opportunity.

5. We hired internally

How dare they! If they wanted to promote someone internally, what was the point of publishing this job ad externally? It happens, and we're not fans of it either...

ADVICE: C'est la vie, right? Just like reason 4, you can't take this personally. It's near impossible to know what's going on in the company so no sense in stressing about it.

6. We found someone who we can exploit more

Ah experience. But how to gain it without being given the chance first? Some employers are willing to make a trade off: little pay in exchange for you gaining experience. Hardly fair but enable employer to reduce costs.

ADVICE: Find a place that respects you and your experience. It's out there. Of source search can be exhausting. Try and remain as positive as possible and give it your all.

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